Identifying Abuse

These online educational modules are intended to assist healthcare providers in determining the difference between accidental and intentional injuries in children. Considering many clinicians see few cases of child abuse in their daily practice, these case studies will improve assessment skills and build confidence in knowing when to report suspected abuse to appropriate authorities. The cases presented contain real images of injured children. Some learners, including experienced healthcare professionals, may find these images upsetting. You may exit and/or return to this module at any time and completion of this program is voluntary.

Mandatory abuse reporting requirements for medical practitioners vary by state however, all states impose requirements to some level. To view additional information and an online educational module specific to Colorado visit:

Notice: If you experience emotional distress related to a module counseling support is available free of charge by calling 844.493.TALK (8255) or through

Abuse Recognition Module

The goal of the abuse recognition module is to improve the ability of clinicians to recognize accidental versus intentional injuries in order to improve accuracy when reporting the suspicion of child abuse.

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